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From keyword research to pay per click, we cover every source of search engine optimization known to man. From the basics to million dollar PPM campaigns, we have you covered in terms of ranking fast on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Here we break down every step needing to be taken to design, deploy, and generate beautiful creatives. Our focus happens to be WordPress, however the information provided can be used no matter what type of website you desire to create.


Online Brand Management happens to be the #1 overlooked aspect of SEO, Creative Design, and Digital Marketing as a whole. Yes; SEO and Design are important, however Online Brand Management happens to be the most important factor of all.

Mya Who?

Mya Who?

The name MyaSeo comes from “ma'ayan” which translates to ‘spring’ or ‘brook’. It also represents the CEO's daughter Mya. In either case; This symbolic gesture enforces our passion behind passing along knowledge.

Simple and short, depending on what you desire out of your product, business, and/or brand will determine what you will research and use. By using the correct knowledge and techniques you then can efficiently manage your Online Brand Management with ease.

So what makes up great SEO, Creative Design, and Marketing? Overall that's a very complex question. Our e-book A to Z SEO, Creative Design, and Marketing addresses that complexity into one simple solution.

Online Brand Management can be difficult. Here at MyaSeo we simply this process so that the hard work is taken out of the picture, leaving your business the time to focus on other matters.

Come see how we help cut that time from start to finish in half with your step by step guide, including 24/7 support through our contact form and email. Whether your question seems simple or extremely complex, we are offering lifetime support to any and all, just as a father does for his daughter.

Owner & CEO

I am a devoted father, as well as Internet Marketer and Search Engine Specialist. I’ve been in love with the internet for over 13 years and truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with clients, blog readers, and daughter alike.
Terrel B.
Terrel B.
Arthur & CEO

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