How to Conquer SEO with PBN’s | Listening Google?

I’d like to take the time to cover a topic that has been covered many times over.

Conquering SEO for better Google rankings and placement.

Lately, however, there has not been much traction mainstream wise, just on a few blogs here and there such as ViperChill and Charles Floate.

Even with their light coverage off using PBN’s to conquer SEO and Link Building efforts, many bloggers are simply left out in the dust wondering if they should or not.

However, what about affiliate marketers that are looking to market their affiliate products for commission?

Surely there’s a way to let Private Blog Networks do all the work for you right?

Well; Whether you’re a blogger, social media manager, or affiliate marketer I’m going to outline everything there is to know about PBN’s (Private Blog Networks), along with whether you should use them personally or not.

Warning: All information provided in this article shall be used at your own risk. PBN’s better known as Private Blog Networks can lead to websites being de-indexed, blacklisted, and flagged for spam via MX mail delivery.

What are Private Blog Networks (PBN’s)?

Private Blog Networks or PBN’s are networks of smaller blogs that funnel traffic back to a specific web property, usually this would be an affiliate money site.

Although this can, in fact, be done for any website, and has shown to bring about many SEO benefits if done correctly, it can also cause massive penalties and de-indexing as well.

Below is a quick visualization of what a super basic Private Blog Network setup would be (yes I draw like a 5-year-old):

Private Blog Network

  • What is a PBN Site?

PBN sites are sites that are set up to only serve one particular purpose, provide traffic and/or SEO benefit to another website with similar niche and audience reach.

Normally such blogs will have limited content and pages.

This would include the essentials such as an about us page, contact page, and terms.

Blog and/or homepage content would be drip fed up to 5 articles at a time.

This is to maintain a normal flow of content without making things seem unnatural to SERPs from the likes of Google and such.

Founded with some variant of an expired domain, these sites are to keep a low profile hosting wise and maintain a diverse link profile just as any other blog/site would.

  • What is a PBN Link?

PBN links are known to be links that come directly from any website or blog attached to a private blog network.

Many times such links are paid for, ranging from 5 posts for $40 to entire networks built around your web property for upwards of $2500.

Such links can often bring in huge amounts of traffic and even SEO benefits if provided by reputable sources (see below).

How to Build a Private Blog Network

As mentioned above, paying to have a private blog network built is an option.

An option I would highly recommend any affiliate looking to take if needing such solutions.

That being said one “can” simply be made via your own efforts.

Doing so, on the other hand, can be costly, risky, and downright time consuming if you’re unsure as to what to do.

Remember; Search engines such as Google heavily frown upon such websites.

Especially when said websites or “networks” are being used to game their search engines.

Below I’ll run down some resources that provide such services along with how to setup, host and maintain such networks through software.

  • PBN Services

PBN Services as a whole can be seriously hit or miss, depending on how they have created and the cost of maintaining them.

I’m probably not the best resource in terms of pricing to performance measures, but I know being able to manage my blog here at MyaSeo only cost me around $150 a month.

So to put this in perspective; As a rule of thumb, you should never pay more than what you already pay to be website even on a volume basis.

This also doesn’t mean going out and finding the cheapest service you can find either.

Without proper measures put into place, your private blog network will be taken down faster that “NSFW” gifs.

All that aside, and pending you do actually find a reputable service, this can potentially be a great solution for those who may not have the time or expertise to build such a network from scratch.

Just be sure to check the reviews from “reputable” sources before purchasing. A be on the lookout for claims that just seem to good to be true (most of the time they are).

Conquer SEO with PBN's

  • Blogging Networks

Blogging networks over the years have taken many different forms. From simple web 2.0 websites that are interlinked together to full PBN sites that all share a common goal or agenda.

For the purpose of this post, let’s focus on those that offer PBN sites access.

The way this works is simple really.

All websites belonging to this “Network” will have set rules to follow.

This could be from certain hosting plans that must be used, specific backlinking guidelines, to simple funneling traffic back and forth for quick AdSense revenue (which is a horrible idea btw).

The point of such “Networks” is to take the guesswork out of how your web property will receive traffic, links, and subscribers.

However, the problem here lies in you not having direct control over what is being linked to your property and what is not.

For example; You may simply want to gain a few relevant backlinks to keep up with your competition, however, you didn’t plan on having 5,000 bot visitors a month along with it.

TLD; Don’t use Blogging Networks unless each and every webmaster involved are all on the same page or personal colleagues of yours. Any other way will be a waste of time or a penalty waiting to happen.

Available/Pre-Existing Blog Networks to Join

  • Finding a Public Blog Network

Although it pains me to say this, “Just Google It”! There’s 100’s upon 1,000’s of sites looking to have you join their PBN or Blogging Network.

It’s up to you to do your research to see if this method works best for you or not.

Just as I did not run down the exact steps on how to create a PBN (not my thing so why lead you down a rabbit hole), I’ll not sit here and run down a list of sites offering this (as I’ve never used one).

If nothing else I say here sinks in, please do yourself a huge favor and DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! Because if anything happens it WILL be YOUR FAULT, NOT THE SERVICES USED.

  • The Best PBN Facebook Group

So I lied, kill me. There is one source that I am truly comfortable with, as he has never lead me astray. That source by chance? Charles Floate’s PBN Advice & Facebook Group of course!

To learn more feel free to check him out above.

If you’re lucky enough you may even receive a group invite before it closes its doors!

Should You Start using Private or Personal Blog Networks?

We’ll that all depends on “YOU” really.

If you’re like me, a novice when it comes to PBN structure and scared of getting a Google Penalty, then I’d say pass!

Especially if the one web property looking to be used is the only source of income and promotion, I’d have to say pass as well. Focus those efforts to fully conquer SEO head on.

However, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer looking to test out new waters, then I say check out what PBN’s have to offer! Not like those affiliate links can’t just be changed out?

In the end, the choice is simply up to you. Just be smart, and as always….

Till Next Time,


“Living off the List” | The Successful Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

Life comes at us hard. We all can contest to that.

So what I have to share today takes a stand against modern day slavery.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit much? But how else am I to explain it?

We either spend all our time working for some corporation that “capitalizes” from our time and effort spent serving their needs, or find ourselves unable to work due to poor economic reasons or “unsatisfactory” backgrounds.

My point?

We spend too much time making others rich… when we should be making ourselves!

Below I’m going to show you how to break those chains.

Those same chains I myself had to realize needed to be broken in order for me to truly be happy. To truly be “free”.

affiliate marketing & double opt-in

List Building

There is no real value or point in having an email list if you do not actively build it.

Not doing so will only lead to much frustration, low post view counts within your chosen analytics reporting, and no active social or comment engagement.

People online are just like those in real life, this means you must actively “engage” them as you “build” with them.

This requires you understand the To-Do and Do-Not’s of list building as outlined below.

  • Double Opt-In

As noted in a recent Whitehat Affiliate Marketing post, double opt-in must be used in today’s email marketing efforts.

From Google’s “promotions tab”, to not using SMTP authentication, IP reputation along with delivery rates can be greatly affected in a variety of ways.

By choosing to have your leads confirm their subscription to your email list, you’re not only ensuring they are using a valid email address, delivery rates will be much higher overall as well.

In most cases, you can at minimum expect a 10 to 20 percent open rate, simply choosing to use double opt-in vs. single opt-in.

Many may argue that single opt-in works best for them, however, the studies don’t lie.

If looking to be worry free, save yourself the headache of a frozen email marketing account down the line.

Even worse having your IP blacklisted.

  • Re-Targeting Visitors

Visitors come and go.

Seriously; In that order.

So why not have a way to send them back to those same pages they checked out before?

In most cases, they did not read or complete that piece of content.

Or maybe they did and forgot to subscribe to your newsletter?

In any event or lack thereof, we would love it if they would.

This is were using services like Facebook’s Custom Audiences really can make a huge difference, whether looking to gain traffic or new subscribers, the options are there.

In it’s prime, re-targeting has been known to provide super high conversion rates when looking to gain quick masses of subscribers to your email list.

Even if looking to boost your traffic, there are numerous guides available showing how to positively leverage Facebook for high traffic gains.

  • Freebie Offers & Lead Magnets

If lead magnets are the new landing page, then freebie offers are like Ford.

My point? Use them… use them often!

Just like Ford’s take on the pickup truck, for example, it has been proven time and time again that freebie offers higher opt-in rates.

So why would you miss out on all those possible leads or even better subscribers to your latest newsletter?

Such possibilities can easily be gained by simply adding an exit intent pop-up or landing page for a free eBook download to your website.

Many people find themselves wishing this was implemented way further down the line. Don’t wait until the traffic comes to get such things sorted out.

Do yourself and/or business a favor and offer visitors something worth their time, such as a worth wild case study or blueprint to some issue they may be running into.

Providing something that can only be used in specific situations should be saved for use via lead magnets.

Lead Magnets offer the chance to provide your visitors an extra bang for their opt-in, going hand and hand with the great piece of content it has been added to.

A great example of this would be offering a lead magnet of 10 top web 2.0 websites within a post on your blog about building seo friendly backlinks.

Although this small bit of information may seem small or incremental to you personally, think about how long it took for you to research and find it.

By cutting that gap of time for your audience and providing their sought after solutions, they more than not are willing to see what other pieces of content you may have to offer.

Affiliate Marketing

As any real internet marketer will admit, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a commission from your blogging and/or social media efforts.

This especially becomes true when not having the start-up funds to create and produce your own products that customers will enjoy and benefit from.

It allows data to be collected to see what interest your audience the most as well.

There are just so many great benefits to affiliate marketing if you take the time to learn proper ways to promote your offers and remember to respect those being sold to.

  • Gaining Traffic to Offers

Speaking of those being sold to, getting traffic to offers happens to be the spark that will eventually ignite the flame (conversions).

Without it, you will never see any commissions.

There are numerous ways this can be done, but in order to see the biggest impact, you must position yourself as an authority on whatever subject your product offers cover.

Doing so will allow for many things to take place.

Most notably, however; It will allow for your audience to gain exposure to what is being offered in a genuine way.

A way that instills trust, brand loyalty, and fandom that will help spread the word.

  • Conversion & Click Rates

Once traffic has started to flow and all your lead capture, automation, and RSS feeds have been delivered on a consistent basis, it’s time to optimize those conversions via click rate and open rate data.

Taking that extra time to see what emails and opt-in forms are performing the lowest will make all the difference in the long run on how sustainable your income will be.

Starting out can be tough, but with some great A/B split testing and delivery time management, your conversion and click rates will slowly rise in no time at all.

  • Analyzing & Collecting Data

Once you have really gotten the basics down packed and are seeing steady income, it’s most definitely time to analyze what is working and scale using that data collected.

A great example of how this collected data can be formed is by adding a segmentation to your email list.

Taking the time to ask new subscribers what they are truly interested based off 4 sub-categories centered around your blog or products website can make all the difference.

Now those new subscribers have the ability to only see content that is geared toward them via your automation emails being delivered.

Something so advanced yet so simple is really all it takes to take your conversion rates to the next level and provided a great lasting income if done correctly over time.

“Living off the List”

For many aspiring marketers, SEO’s, & bloggers living off their email list would be a dream come true.

That’s the thing, though, this dream can become a reality as long as the time is taken to follow the correct steps.

This means not skipping steps, such as ordering cheap backlinks off Fiver or spamming other blogs for referral traffic.

Taking the time to learn and grow will create a very compound effect, longevity.

  • Being Your Own Boss

Just think about it for a second…

How would it feel to make a days income while your sleeping? Or to wake up and start working on a new project “You” decided you’d like to complete?

Well, all those things can be true and so much more!

Unlike any other profession I’ve seen, blogging and especially affiliate marketing allows you the freedom to make the money you desire.

It takes time, patience, along with investment personal and financial, but in the end, the rewards are well worth it.

  • Letting the Money Flow

Armed with your new found affiliate marketing success, what would you like to do with your long-term commissions?

Or maybe you have “Insider Secrets” that could help us all get there with you?

Feel free to share your thoughts and much more in the comments below! And if you liked this article always remember: “Sharing is Caring”!

Until Next Time,

– Terrel

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White Hat Affiliate Marketing: How to Harness The Success

It’s vital that any new affiliate marketer understands how to harness the success of white hat affiliate marketing.

Learning the right way to market your products, build a profitable list, and manage a diverse portfolio of offerings all play their part.

Below we will be outlining a few key takeaways.

  • Black Hat Affiliate Marketing
  • White Hat Affiliate Marketing
  • Being Patient –  Playing the “Long-Game”

Black Hat Affiliate Marketing


The Wild Wild West

Back in the day, internet marketing was more like the “Wild Wild West”.

It required the ability to flood your web properties with backlinks, no matter where they may have come from. It was like the gold rush in a sense.

Of course, this was way before Google ever decided to stop such black hat tactics.

Including advanced SEO techniques along with black hat link building would mean instant success, including your sites being indexed and placed in the #1 spot on Google.

Services such as WarriorForum, Link Wheels, PBN (private blog networks), and Article Directories were all that was needed to rank your websites.

Content, no matter how long or good, was easy as baking a cake.

A simple 500-word article with over-optimized keyword stuffing and meta keywords was all that was needed.

Spending $100 to Make $1,000

Before the boom of web applications i.e. Buffer, CoSchedule, MailChimp, etc…

It was all about scaling quickly.

This meant spending small increments of money to produce scalable results.

Something as simple as running an ad campaign on an AdWords alternative such as 7-Search, meant that for $100 and a good ad copy,  you could make $1,000 back.

The problem with this way of marketing is that the landscape is forever changing.

Content providers must always understand the buyer persona. Nowadays that persona includes being very knowledgeable.

No longer will a simple display ad be enough to persuade buyer intent.

In turn, this means more time and effort must go into providing solutions via content. Not just selling every chance you get.

Gaming the System to Rank Content

As mentioned; Gaming the System 10 years ago was an easy day.

Many marketers in this period focused all their efforts on contentdistributionn (scraped or spun content) and black hat link building.

Ranking your affiliate pages on Google were simple.

So of course, the money was easy, because conversions were seen on the regular.

Then came along Google Pengin, Panda, Hummingbird, and White Tiger (okay no tiger).

Those same marketers had to then find a new approach, which meant leaving “most” of their black hat ways behind them in order to keep or gain back their rankings and sales.

Building an Email List via Single Opt-in

Back when email marketing first hit the ground running, single opt-in was the way to go.

Hell; It was the only way!

The goal was simple, build your list as large as possible and promote your offers.

The fact is, many affiliate marketers still prefer this method over double opt-in.

Even though there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, your list stats and conversion rates will greatly suffer.

Along with the above, you will find that many of your subscribers are not even actively opening and/or clicking your email swipes in the first place.

Studies show that over 80% of the single opt-in list only exists because of the initial freebie… Click To Tweet

Adverse Long-Term Effects on Growth & ROI

Even if you were to somehow overcome every aspect of Black Hat SEO and Affiliate Marketing Tactics, the truth is you’ll never sustain wealth from it.

After taking a closer look over each of the Top Influencers within my given niche, I started to notice something.

That something was the fact that they all, one way or another, found themselves practicing something that could easily be labeled as Grey Hat or Black Hat.

However, each influencer also found themselves practicing White Hat SEO Best Practices on the surface.

You see, being legit carries more weight than not exsisting… I’ll give you a moment.

White Hat Affiliate Marketing


Everyone is Selling Something

Thing is; Everyone is selling something online. So what makes you or your product stand out from the rest?

This along with many other common sense questions must be asked when doing anything in life. So what makes marketing online any different?


You can do Black Hat SEO, GreyHat Marketing, whatever you like till your hearts desire.

At the end of the day you will only find that your efforts lead to a short lived high. As well as understanding that short term success is short lived.

Even in the case of scalling and outsourcing, producting at such a rate will only take away from your overall growth.

In the end you’ll find yourself wasting time duplicating processes, instead of growing and implementing with the change of climate.

The “NEW” Age of Content Marketing

It’s simple. So simple it’s everywhere you look…

All the information you crave, all the inside secreats you desire. Right there!

Each and every time you follow some new SEO blog, fumble through your favoriate social media website or even checked your Twitter feed.

The content presenting itself as the right way, best practice, seo guideline, guest posting advice, social media to-do’s, anything coming off as remotely pure…

It is.

Today every single piece of information you need to be a successful SEO, Content Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Manager, ANYTHING is readly available.

Just do a quick Google Search for any topic you really would like to know more about.

Do this once every hour for 3 straight hours.

Any by the time you go through the first 10 or so searches of each topic, you will have learned more than you ever would simply paying to learn it.

Information is FREE.

This means that any piece of content, any email sent, any ad paid for, must be worth your time and your audience’s time.

Doing so will build relations over time, which will then turn into the loyal following.

SEO “IS” Your Friend if Done Correctly

SEO is the heart of anything done online. Whether you like it or not. Click To Tweet

It makes all the difference when providing content your audience will enjoy.

It is the framework of any online property.

Problem is many are not willing to take the time out to learn and listen. Instead opting for a learn fast, pay in cash approach.

No SEO Service will ever do better than natural hard work will. That applies to On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Even when completely mastered, it still takes time for online awareness to kick in.

Whether it be Google’s known “Sandboxing” or Poor Domain Authority, believe me when I say there will be plenty of barriers holding back any new website.

That all being said; sound SEO will overcome each and every one of those opsticals.

Building an Email List via Double Opt-in

Double Opt-In is a life saver for any real marketer looking to grow their brand awareness, and even gain a few commissions along the way.

Forcing new leads to confirm their subscription to your list offers 3 things.

  • Higher Conversions
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Higher Click Rates

Industry averages always hover around 20% open rates and 7% click rates.

Take it from someone who’s worked at an email marketing company directly, those results can vary heavily depending on the amount of thought and attention put into each email.

Allowing your leads the”choice” to subscribe provides a list, with the right approach, that will lead to them becoming your following.

Successful Long-Term Effects on Growth & ROI

Doing things in coherence with the way things currently are will lead to growth and success in know time.

It simply takes a time to learn the correct way to go about building your web properties.

Anyone can make a website and sell something, however, there’s a reason only a few actually get to see the long-term ROI online marketing can provide.

“Secret Sauce” to Harnessing Success


Social Media’s Role in Affiliate Marketing

Social media’s role in affiliate marketing has come a long way since the days when JV sources such as ClickBank first open their doors.

Promoting products, especailly those that are not directly produces or created by you, require a special layer of personal touch…


Better than any other medium, social media allows anyone to create a following.

Building that following means that you have earned the trust and hearts of others who now look to follow and help promote your product, brand, and/or cause.

Take for example Sam Hurley, argueably one of the greatest social influencers of this generation, is able to comfortably ably make a living simply promoting the best content the web has to offer via Twitter.

Leveraging via Product Diversity

If nothing else from this massive post gets your attention, know that in order to generate online… Click To Tweet

That means even if you are simply an affilate, you must always remember to offer different sets of products catering to each segment of your audience.

So whether that be segmenting your email list or offering separate opt-in freebies per post or page of your website, you should always be looking to maximize your conversions.

This means maximizing your engaugement with each new vistor, and offering them only products that can truly help them solve their problems.

Doing so will always lead to higher conversion rates, which in turn means more revenue for you to enjoy.

Playing the “Long-Game”

Affiliate marketing, just as any other online medium, requires time.

Overnight success can be seen, but in order to maintain one must be willing to be patient.

Always looking to grow in steady increments, not putting all your assets into one idea or another.

A great example of this would be Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

Puring all your first commissions into PPC campaigns for scalling can lead to disaster in a heartbeat if you don’t know what your doing.

Only by looking at the data provided, making sound disissions, and following best practices will you every be able to gain the success you desire…

In the long run.

How to Repurpose Content: The Definitive Success Guide

Learning to repurpose content regularly can not only increase search engine rankings, it can also increase traffic back to linked content and affiliate products simultaneously.

So you have a few blog post or articles sitting around that have performed very well for you. Now it’s time to promote a new piece of content or affiliate marketing product.

Why waste content that's high performing when there are so many other uses for it? Click To Tweet

Why Repurpose Content Already Used?

The honest reason, because it works! Did I mention it’s also free? So why would you not, only to have that content sit around. The more views and readers any successful piece of content receives will only help your online brand management or affiliate marketing efforts down the line.

The more views and readers any successful piece of content receives will only help your online brand management or affiliate marketing efforts down the line.

Think about it. How great would it feel to get another 100 even 1000 eyes on your latest affiliate product? Or maybe even gain another 50 to 100 social shares for brand awareness?

The point here is that the sky is the limit when it comes to repurposing that older content that once had it’s run with the masses. So repurpose content with a purpose, not just to do so.

Reusing Content via Social Media

Social media happens to be top on my list of easy ways to repurpose content. Ever needed to repurpose blog post? Try creating an infographic and sharing via Buffer to your social channels.

Unlike other mediums, social media shows the great benefits of repurposing content right from the start. Pending you already have a nice sized following on any given particular social channel.

Best thing is there are various ways to repurpose your video content while solving that question of how to repurpose old content all at the same time. Only social media offers such flexibility in promotion instantly to a large volume audience.

Trust me on this one, if you haven’t been scheduling your old blog post to be re-posted to your social channels you’ve been greatly missing out on a lot of extra traffic.

Redistributing Content for Affiliate Marketing

No real point in distributing content on a repeated basis unless you’re looking to promote something. Even if that’s for money or just for personal pleasure and/or success.

Now that we have that out the way, affiliate marketing happens to be another great medium to redistribute content previously published. The key here is keeping things relevant for those involved.

One of the biggest facts about repurposing content happens to lie withing the end result. Each time a piece of content is distributed it takes on a whole new opportunity to reach a new audience.

Just because one of your blog subscribers has read a review post of yours about SEOPressor, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t also like to read a comparison on SEOPressor vs Yoast SEO.

Blogger and Social Outreach Simplified

Ever needed to send a good old outreach email to amplify a new piece of content you just published but couldn’t find the right piece of content to attach as an example?

Instead of looking for clever ways to pitch the new piece of content, maybe there’s an older blog post or article used that may have mentioned that influential figure your outreaching too.

By adding that small piece of value to them via your outreach email, they’ll be more willing to acknowledge your request if everything else adds up.

All in all, it’s simple; Be sure to add value to any outreach done by providing repurposed content. Just ensure that the content being repurposed happens to also mention who’s being outreached too.

The Content is Available, So Don’t Waste It!

The point here is simple. Don’t waste good content that could be repurposed into great content!!!

From social media, infographics, forum post like Reddit, blogger outreach, to even affiliate marketing. There’s always a case where content can be used once more.

Try finding ways to repurpose everyday items around the house or at work (if you’re still doing that). See what it means to allow your mind to find new meaning for something that’s a little outdated.

In the end, you’ll find that using the methods presented above will only help boost traffic back to whatever medium used for the repurposing. So strive to do so regularly and purposefully.

How to Analyze Uber Successful Headlines with CoSchedule

Analyzing Successful Headlines can be a real pain if you’ve never done so before. This is where topical research and help from CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer comes in handy.

Creating clickable headlines has become more difficult than ever. Especially when factoring in various algorithm changes, vast competition, and little keyword availability.

We’ve all had those moments when a great piece of content under performs. Many times this can directly correlate to the headline produced rather than the content presented.

Below I’ll uncover my secret weapon to Analyze Successful Headlines. Including how I’m able to cut my content creation time in half, all while crafting Uber-Successful Headlines.

Analyzing & Creating Successful Blog Headlines

The process of creating successful headlines start with analyzing key factors. Those include incorporating common, powerful, emotional, and even uncommon words.

Creating clickable headlines form from fusing all 4 of these types of words together. CoSchedule has found through research, that this format provides the highest quality and readability.

Because of this, they have also created their very own Headline Analyzer, which also comes included within their WordPress Plugin.

From word count too subject relevancy, every aspect of your headline will be analyzed. Once you type in any given headline, you will be provided a number up to 100. Anything over 70 will be highlighted in green symbolizing a good headline overall.

Analyzing the data provided will help you better see if the headline created is a good fit for your article. If not, improve on some of the areas shown to be weak or over optimized as seen below.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Creating Successful Automation Email Headlines

Creating a successful email headline all starts with competitive research. By analyzing your competitor’s email swipes, you’ll quickly see what catchy phrases are raking in the big bucks.

Click rates are the name of the game here. Only by following your chosen email marketing software analytics will you spot which headlines are worth sticking with long term.

Your list will be sure to let you know of headlines they find unattractive or spammy by not clicking them or even worse highlighting your email as spam.

Knowing this, it’s always best practice to stay away from overly spammy words. These include free, limited time, check this out, click here, etc. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in this regard.

Having your domains IP address blacklisted will stop all delivery of emails as well. So practice providing your list with original and unique headlines they will love to click, not place in spam.

Profile Headlines for Forums, Listings, & Directories

Profile headlines are a whole different ball game. They require time spent studying the community they will be displayed within. Not doing so will only prove why failure is good for success.

Using the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will be your best friend once such research has been completed. The results will directly be seen once your profile view count starts to rise.

Another great way to create a killer headline for your forum profile would be to write articles on achieving success. Once created, try using those headlines as your forum profile headline.

Directly after, post those same articles as the first forum post you provide. Providing such examples of success in life will position you as an authority earlier on within that community.

Crafting Social Media Headlines for Facebook & Twitter

Crafting social media headlines for Facebook or even Twitter can be challenging. Just as becoming successful in life, however, a strong positive attitude for success will be needed.

Many times a simple tweet or post about attitude and leadership success can go a long way. Even if your niche has nothing to do with this, everyone (especially those online) could use something positive once in a while.

Just as with the advice provided above, it will take some time to master which headlines produce the most engagement. Using a service such as Buffer can greatly reduce that time, though.

Many will argue using HootSuite vs CoSchedule, however, only CoSchedule offers a direct headline analyzer. In many cases, I would argue to only use one or the other until the need calls for both.

The Most Successful Headlines Shared & Clicked

Every successful headline ever shared and/or clicked all have one thing in common. They grab the attention of those seeking help by acknowledging their issue and providing a solution.

Let’s take for example the headline “Things to do to be Successful”. Now if someone is looking to be more successful in general, this may appeal to them.

That being said, what if they are looking to be successful in something more direct, like parenting. In that case, this article will never truly catch their attention.

Instead, they would be more inclined to click on a headline that reads “How to be more Successful at Raising your Angry Teen”. The difference being this appeals to a direct target audience.

In today’s burn and churn marketing landscape, many new marketers are missing the point of targeting a direct audience within their niche.

Not doing so will lead to horrible click rates and no interest in your content, whether social or directly via your website or blog.

The takeaway here is simple. Always strive to analyze successful headlines within your niche before hand. Doing so will allow you to produce uber successful headlines no matter what platform.

Also remember, using CoSchedules Headline Analyzer (which is free) will always make this task much easier. To learn more, feel free to click the image below. Hope you enjoyed!

CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer

Inbound Marketing Funnel: Gain Growth & Success

Inbound Marketing Funnel Success Plan

Inbound Marketing Funnel

Plan >>>>

Branded Content

Content is marketing's last opportunity for creativity. Click To Tweet

Relevant inbound marketing and content earns permission to sell. Content is the fuel that drives the inbound effect from partner sites and outpost, content is the conversation starter and problem solver in social media and it’s the only way to develop a strong presence in search engines.

Reach >>>>

Buyer Stage: Exploration

Publish and promote your content, allow sharing to other outposts, networks, and syndicate. Draw people to your content hub, blog, or website.

Key Measures:
  • Fans/Followers
  • Visitors
  • Inbound Links

Act >>>>

Buyer Stage: Decision Making

Be worth finding – your content hub needs to be relevant inspirational, useful, problem solving and earn you permission to sell in the future.

Key Measures:
  • Time on Site
  • Shares, Comments, & Likes
  • Leads & Lead Conversion

Convert >>>>

Buyer Stage: Purchase

Capitalise on marketing investment, develop re-marketing and email automation to ensure relevance at buyer stage and drive repeat sale.

Key Measures:
  • Orders
  • Revenue
  • Average Order Value

Engage >>>>

Buyer Stage: Advocacy

Thrilled customers are key to social media marketing, social proof, repeat sales and referrals. Start your marketing here!

Key Measures:
  • Repeat Purchase
  • Referrals
  • Lifetime Customers and Fans of your Brand

50 Guest Post Opportunities for Bloggers

Guest Blogging is not dead. If you believe this, then this is not the post for you.

For those still reading – I’ve assembled my 50 top blogs that are currently offering guest post opportunities.

10 Marketing Websites with Guest Post Opportunities

Mashable – Founded in 2005, Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture. With more than 40 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the most prolific news site reporting breaking web news, providing analysis of trends, reviewing new websites and services, and offering social media resources and guides.

Socedo – Looking for guest bloggers that speak on what constitutes our best practices in their area expertise within marketing, the lessons they’ve learned and useful tips they can pass on to our readership.

HubSpot – The award-winning HubSpot Marketing Blog has over 300,000 subscribers and attracts more than 2M monthly visits, and always looking for more brilliant contributors to join our ranks.

SiteProNews – One of the Web’s oldest and most respected webmaster news and resource sites, attracting visitors from around the world & reaching their online business audience of more than 600,000 through its weekly newsletter.

Forbes – Would you like to apply to be a contributor for They happen to be always looking for new contributions. They don’t take pitches for individual stories but welcome ideas for ongoing sites.

Frugal Entrepreneur – Acceptable guest posts should offer money-saving tips, resources, or other insights on running a small or home-based business. Try to keep things practical and straight forward submission wise.

Alltopstartups – Alltopstartups focus on sharing resources that pertain to starting and growing your business. Successful startups will be featured in a popular founder lessons’ series.

SmartBloggerz – Interested in guest posting on SmartBloggerz to get eyeballs on your content or website? All you have to do is keep in mind the requirements and your submission should be approved.

Social Media Today – Provides a community that appreciates great content and access to social channels such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Facebook.

WPBeginner – Although more of a contribution than a guest post, landing a spot will grant you access one of the largest WordPress communities online. Thousands of new users stumble upon their site every day.

Kissmetrics – Looking for posts that teach and give value to their SEO and Startup readers. Avoiding submitting topics that have already been covered.

10 Photography Blogs with Guest Post Opportunities

Naldz Graphics – Contributors are always welcome here. The site is growing fast and writing for Naldz Graphics will give you a good exposure. Most of their readers are designers and design enthusiasts.

Steve’s Digicams – Over the last 13 years, Steve’s Digicams has established itself as a significant voice in the digital camera community along with experiencing amazing growth month after month.  Their goal is to put you in a position to gain exposure and promote yourself to the massive audience that visits Steve’s Digicams.

Digital Photography School – Looking for tips on everything and anything related to digital photography, including post-production (no film, video or mobile phone related topics). They also accept tips and tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced digital photographers wanting to learn more about photography.

I Heart Faces – Some of the types of content being looked for by them include Camera Tips & Techniques, Lighting Tips, Photo Editing Tutorials, DIY Photography Ideas, Business articles for start-up photography businesses, Inspiring ideas, Photo tours of your studio, and working with clients.

DPHOTO JOURNAL – Looking for fresh content for their readers. If you have a photography equipment review (digital camera, tripod, camera bag, etc), photo editing tutorial and also tips related to digital photography, you can submit your article to them using their submission form here.

Web Granth – Looking to publish new ideas, emerging challenges, and cutting-edge technology and help thousands of fellow web developers, designers, marketers, and site owners. Remember Web Granth’s primary goal is to deliver quality and informative content useful for designers and web-developers.

Web and Designers – If you are an individual who believes creativity is seeing something that doesn’t exist already, then this is the guest post opportunity for you. All that’s needed is to contact them about your interest in guest posting and someone will reach back out to via email with more details. – Submitting a relevant, informative and suitable article will ensure that the link is approved and shared with the community. Ensuring that tags are accurate and match up with article content will allow for easier and faster review as well.

SpeckyBoy – If you are currently into mobile development, a graphic designer or even an experienced blogger, then you should totally share some of your knowledge and expertise with the readers of Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Designmodo – Designmodo readers are inspired and learn to create better and more beautiful designs thanks to the articles and tutorials they offer. They are currently looking for authors to write practical articles about design and web development, and articles that teach readers how to use certain tools.

10 Business Websites with Guest Post Opportunities

SurveyMonkey – Looking for contributors to share their smart ideas about how to make better decisions. A good guest post can come from anyone, so they are not as picky about who you are as they are about what you have to say.

Bplans – Dedicated to giving our readers the best information there is on how to start a business. If that’s a mission you can get behind, you’ve passed the first test of guest authorship eligibility!

Small Business Trends – Contributed articles under this Expert Author Program must be original content, not published elsewhere. Articles published under the Expert Author Program are for the benefit of readers, and as a secondary benefit they demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.

Women On Business – Currently accepting reader content submissions. It’s a great way to get your name in front of a community of women and men working in the field of business. Note that all submissions must be original and not already published elsewhere online.

The Best of Monmouth – A great way to gain exposure from local readers of this site. The community is very niche specific and engages on one of the highest levels I’ve witnessed. Just be sure to keep everything natural and fully look into their community before pitching. Doing so will save a lot of time.

MyCorporation – Interested in introducing your newly formed start-up or small business to the world? Deborah over at MyCorporation is now accepting submissions for guest bloggers for our very own MyCorp blog!

The Frugal Entrepreneur – Most of the posts on The Frugal Entrepreneur are practical. Acceptable guest posts should offer money-saving tips, resources, or other insights on running a small or home-based business.

Successful-blog – Only accepts original content that is directly relevant to small businesses and the big brands who want to reach them. Their bias is to actionable ideas that can help grow a team, a brand, a business or an online presence immediately.

The Huffington Post – Submitting your article to The Huffington Post is not easy. Having over 2,000 inbound links and comprised of articles from more than just their own editors, your submission will need to cater their vast business oriented audience.

Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine’s primary goal is to deliver quality content for the Web development and design community. If you have valuable tips, tricks, ideas or techniques to share, then you’re more than welcome to write for them and help provide others with solid articles and useful insights.

10 Travel Websites with Guest Post Opportunities

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide – First and foremost – this blog is about the Bodrum Peninsula, and all the content is relevant to this part of Aegean coast of Turkey. As well as introductions to the many different villages and towns within the Peninsula.

Roving Jay – Content must be pertinent to Expats, Global Digital Nomads, and House Sitters or other related topics. Any articles that are clearly intended as a link building scheme will be rejected. No length requirements: Posts should be as long as they need to be to be high quality and comprehensive.

International Living – If you’re an expat living overseas, they would like to hear from you. They’re more interested in what you have to say than how you say it. Whatever it is that makes you happy in your new life, sum it up—in 500-600 words and email their editor directly via the provided email address.

The Lost Passport – Travel blog is mainly aimed at travel in Asia, so please write on a relevant topic. Submission should be between 500-800 words. Each submission should contain 3-4 high-quality photos. Please, not just snapshots. Submit with relevant captions.

Pre Travels – If submitting a post you should add at least 2 links to relevant posts of Pre Travels. add at least 6 relevant photos. They should be exactly 640 px in width and not bigger than 100 kb in size. Videos, infographics, and other multimedia are also welcomed.

Broke Travel – No city or destination guides – they want stories about something you did (or didn’t do). All articles must be well written. This means readable, as well as making sense and being interesting to read. Broke Travel seems to have very specific guidelines that must be met, so be sure to read them all over before submitting a pitch.

Am I Nearly There Yet? – Your guest post could be about a destination you’ve recently been to or some cool travel advice you might have thought of or discovered on your travels. Maybe some specific advice on travel equipment or your own travel funnies.

Good To See – They are happy to host travel articles by guest writers with a proven track record for good travel writing on other travel sites. If you would like to contribute, please ask for their guidelines directly. They also accept product reviews as well via the same form.

Simply Holiday Deals – Simply Holiday Deals accepts guests posts and article submissions for their travel blog as well as always looking to add to their travel guest author and writer database for future assignments and opportunities.

Trip Outlook – You must first become a member of the site. Once completed; Write and publish your travel blog posts and tourism related articles on their travel blog backend for review and approval.

10 Food Blogs with Guest Post Opportunities

Sweets Foods – Your post provided to Sweets Foods must be original, in other words, the same has never been published on any other site/blog, including your own blog.

The Menuism – Are you a strong writer who loves food, cocktails, and wine? Do you have the inside scoop? Menuism is looking for writers who can contribute original, engaging content that speaks to our community of foodies and beverage enthusiasts.

Disney Food Blog – Submit your topic idea to webmaster [at] for review. This will ensure that your topic isn’t already being covered by another guest author or columnist in the near future. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the Disney Food Blog’s formatting for restaurant reviews.

Food Sense – Food Sense readers love cooking and eating really good food. Snag a spot in their Tastemakers Gallery for your dependably delicious creations, and help them all continue to share and spread that love.

Type-A Parent – Almost all of their content is done via paid assignment to writers. Submitting does not guarantee publication and, in fact, most unsolicited posts are not published. Make sure to read over their blog and guidelines.

My Pregnancy Baby – You are welcome to write on any topic that you want – as long as I haven’t been written about in the past, and as long as it fits within one of their blog categories.

Hive Health Media –  Particularly interested in articles from personal trainers, fitness experts, doctors, researchers, and healthcare professionals, as well as knowledgeable and passionate bloggers.

The Master Cleanse – If you love The Master Cleanse or another similar topic like cleansing and detox diets, and if you love to help others be successful, you should consider writing for them.

Bargain Briana – Your submission will be reviewed and if it’s a good fit, then it will be published. Please include a reasonably good photo of the finished product and detailed instructions along with ingredient list.

Health Resource4u –  Article length should be minimum 1000+ words. So they are not accepting article less than 1000+ word anymore. Please make sure your article has the minimum word count of 1000+ word.

Final Thoughts

Now armed with at least 10 niche specific guest post opportunities, ball in your court.

If looking for a few good backlinks, brand exposure, and a chance to gain more subscribers – I’d suggest you start your blogger outreach now.

As always; Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. An if you found this article helpful, feel free to share as well. Till next time!